Artistic photography

Photography is one of my key creative activities. I do photography without any preparation or ambition. I see myself as a „photographer of an instant“, carrying a camera handy most of the time. I capture what I feel attracted to at a given moment, or an instant idea without a pre-calculated outcome. The images come about without any complex preparation. Connected with making every photograph there is an intimate inner feeling, a memory of the moment, a scent or a mood, that is naturally nontransferable and that only I can relate to. Even so I am happy when some of these pictures awaken an emotion, mood or feeling in other people through the means of their own perception. So far I had three exhibitions in Prague and my photographs have appeared on the front page of Pilot LAA ČR magazine, and some found their ways to being published abroad, for example in the USA, Canada, Austria, Germany and France.



Aerial photography

I also do aviation photography. Flying frequently I get the opportunity to capture the unique face of the landscape.

Krkonos 1 2012

About me

Ever since my childhood, I have been attracted and fascinated by airplanes, the sky and clouds.My thirst for flying was unspeakable. I have been an active pilot for over 20 years, flying sport aircraft, powered hang gliders and gyroplanes. Another of my passions is the motor sport, motocars and for the most part motorcycles with which I have been busy since I was 13 years old. I love dynamics, movement in the space, technology, engines. I dedicate my time to photography, I also participate in TV aviation-themed series production, I am a co-author of a book about landscape, aeroplane modelling (pilotage), flight simulator, modern fencing, etc. My essential life passion is music as well. I was born in Prague on June 9th, 1972. My mother is Czech, my father was German.


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